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About us Do you cooperate with people who understand market and have ideas / knowledge / experience how to identify and solve problems for end users? In time of uncertainly when state and end users budgets become smaller, position to see Future Markets, to see and evaluate Real Necessity of end users in the field, […]

010 007 2020 – Modular Armour – Where are we now and what you want from that

Like i already explain in main text about this project (Modula Armour) MERO is abbreviation of Serbian name Modularni Ekslozivno Reaktivni Oklop and on English that is Modular Explosive Reactive Armour – If you read next you will understand this is not ordinary ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) but something much more sophisticated and applicable to […]

009 021 2020 – What is next for Flying Charlie project

From virtual design centre into reality which will end up to virtual reality – Solving long time standing problems with few precise moves After being in communication with few interested companies regarding Flying Charlie we gathered some interesting topics we intend to cover here NewTeC innovation is small team – This presentation if just tip […]

009 015 2020 – What is next for Flying Charlie project

Few words about further development and improvements we intend to do on Flying Charlie project Main area of further work will be simplification of process for deployment because we noticed there is room for improvement in that sphere – I must mention that even now system can be deployed in just 15 seconds but we […]

009 014 2020 – Invitation for communication regarding Flying Charlie

Invitation for communication regarding cooperation about investment into future defense products My name is Cedo Rajacic and I am in R&D since 1996, which kind a show vast experience in defense industry including even work for some international companies like IAI/Boeing – I use to be Skydiver / Pilot / Judoka which suits my current […]

009 003 2020 – First phase of Flying Charlie is almost done

009 003 2020 – Almost all what was intended to be done into first phase was done but with some modification which will influence already predicted phases! In last 2-3 weeks almost all work regarding making all parts for first phase was finished – That lead us into some very nice achievement after so many […]

006 006 2020 – Author opinion – Modern development of armoured vehicles!

Modern development of armoured vehicles – What is missing? I am talking about new approach to design and solving problems – I have still to see that one implemented anywhere and to best of my knowledge all well establish companies including new emerging companies in the field and their products are kind of a copycat […]

005 015 2020 – What is next for Precisely detection of enemy fire

Regarding finishing of R&D for this project for use like panelled system That can be done in 2-3 weeks or 1-2 months where most time will be used for precisely detect best approach for mass production regarding materials with great performances and usability and their price! Literally i can offer some results in 1-2 months […]

005 010 2020 – What is next for Modular Armour project

Project was split into three different phases / areas of development First pahse which was already finished was creating Modular Armour for rudimental protection of all soft targets up to 7.9 mm calibre (and more if needed) Second will be further development and adding reactive part which will eliminate danger up to 14.5 mm and […]

005 005 2020 – What is next for Precisely detection of enemy fire

In few last week’s through my work i have succeed to greatly improve possible redundancy of panel plus improve its application regarding precision I think i can offer precision which will be at least 2-3 times better than previously presented (greatly bellow 1 degree of tolerance) plus redundancy od system will be greatly increased – […]