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“Today when state and end users budgets become smaller, position to see Future Markets, to see and Evaluate real necessity of end users in the field, to Imagine how to solve and fulfil it – that’s by my opinion worth’s fortune – We in NewTeC have such ideas and we want to make them reality trough Researching of initial solution following all what’s happening in conflicts plus we have knowledge and experience for further Developing those ideas up to the Final concepts / CAD models / Prototypes for Products which will fulfil that necessity but we need support – Support NewTeC through cooperation with us and you will improve your positions in Defence market for years to come through obtaining licences for manufacture / produce / sale final products!”

My name is Rajacic Cedo also known as UrednikArmyInfoForuma – (gallery about me Facebook) – I am author of NewTeC and above paragraph in short explain what few of us in NewTeC already doing since 2007! I am expert journalist regarding security and defence (Chief Editor of ArmyInfoForum) but beside that I am working in R&D for that industry – I have professional connections with developing product troughs R&D / 3D Engineering / CAD / CAID / CNC – Like few of my colleagues I am in this field for a quite long – From 1996-2001 trough MAT (Modern Arms Technologies) and now in NewTeC (New Technology Centre) which is continuation of my work in MAT

Some of us which created NewTeC have access to market and can see and evaluate what’s happening in conflicts evaluate problems and give some predictions regarding future developments – That connected with our multidisciplinary knowledge and experience regarding R&D leads us after many years of work up to few very interesting ideas & concepts and developed projects for new one product’s or upgrades for some already available systems!

Main idea of whole this presentation is to initiate communication with companies whose field of activity is the defence industry, with the aim of examining the possibilities for eventual cooperation regarding investing into some of those projects regarding their development up to the finalised products

We will use this presentation to point some important things about our possibilities / way of thinking / way of work and even some possibilities for investing for which we are interested in future cooperation! I hope that every viewer of this presentation will see that I and my associates have knowledge and experience to finish them from start up to the end

Please pay attention on this topicTopics and data trough time – Little more about what we done in Serbian before English version of web site

In the continuation of this introducing you have important notifications regarding possibilities for any further communication

After all what’s happening and almost non-existence of privacy and opportunity to protect business secrets using ordinary way of communication (e-mails / phone conversations etc.) we switch our communication to Telegram which will allow us to improve our communication with associates and business partners / investors

For any kind of our further work including communication my profile on Telegram will be contact point – Because even visiting our web presentation (this one including you reading this text) can be detected and evaluated by some third party we decided to transfer all our future public communication and media content to Telegram – You can easily access author profile on Telegram and use it for further communication – That way all our further communication regarding text messages audio video and data interchanges will be encrypted and available only to involved parties – This is a forced move aimed at protecting our communication with business partners but also with team members and future associates

Telegram will greatly improve
• freedom and secrecy of communication between involved parties
• reduce risk for industrial espionageand stealing intellectual property!

Through Telegram our communication cannot be easily intercepted and supervised by any other party except sender and representative of NewTeC

Please use telegram app for Pc/Android/Mac for any further communication!

In this part of ArmyInfoForum connected with NewTeC design centre you can find next informations:

Topics and data trough time
About NewTeC
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About our work
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Automated robotic platform
Precisely detection of enemy fire
Reliable automation of mortars
Terminal defence system
Feeding heavy guns / canons
Modular Armour
Combat transport construction
Single Use Hit Vehicle
Possibilities for cooperation
Regarding future
Rights protection & control

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Message to readers
English is not our native language but i really hope everything written here is understandable
I apologize in advance if you encounter some errors or uncertainties caused by language barriers
Contact us with advanced security https://t.me/UrednikArmyInfoForuma
Think about this / Be active / Have your own opinion / Don't let anyone impose it on you / Discuss it in communication with us and you will be more informed