009 003 2020 – First phase of Flying Charlie is almost done

009 003 2020 – Almost all what was intended to be done into first phase was done but with some modification which will influence already predicted phases!

In last 2-3 weeks almost all work regarding making all parts for first phase was finished – That lead us into some very nice achievement after so many years of not so intensive development – In last few months NewTeC has seen lot of work with intention to finish all what was needed regarding Flying Charlie and we almost done all that!

What was left will be mentioned at the end of this list – What was done in last months and especially in last few weeks:
Kind a special trailer for LC was created using standard parts but with redesign of main frame – Design was improved few times in a move to better suit LC on it – Important this is that this design can be done by any trailer manufacturer

Few subassemblies of whole system was done and improved trough 3 different working modes regarding trailer which lead us to make some decision and we are just into preparing forth / final mode regarding trailer variant – Main work was done into allowing better operational possibilities when in position to fire

Main subassemblies used in this work was

    • automated storage for mines of 120 mm – up to 35 of them in this variant
    • manipulation regarding transfer from transport mode into armed mode
    • manipulation regarding precisely taking positions (azimuth/elevation) for barrel
    • manipulation of weapon system regarding allowing removing misfired mine
    • 3-4 different trailer variants (main frame) up to now

Whole work was done into move to show main characteristics and possibilities of whole system and that was done successfully – In mean time we have been in position to almost develop in whole system for replenishing of ammo storage which mean we didn’t lose time and looking all mentioned up to now i think it is visible that we have done huge amount of work which lead us into position that we are near finishing line of finalizing LC in whole – All this will make influence on mentioned phases in a good way because some of mentioned there was already developed and can be implemented into whole project allowing that even base system function much better and allow advanced possibilities!

What was left to do?

To make finishing touches regarding optimization – We have found few things we can improver regarding all mentioned subassemblies in a move to make whole system more compact regarding transport on a trailer and prepare it for future possibilities like using it from 4×4 vehicle (famous Toyota technicals in meddle east will surely do the job) plus this optimization will lead us into possibilities to easily make small ship variant and future self-driving variant – That mean we saw opportunities to change few things and to allow much better compactness of whole system and better interconnectivity of different subassemblies – That will lead us into smaller “footprint” regarding size of system on a trailer where main ideas is to make system as much as smaller if possible to be able to make them look like similar trailer already in use in military units which will help masking of it!

Main achievement was that we has being in opportunity to see all subassemblies into one picture and to work with them which simply lead us into noticing possibilities for improvements – After we finished mentioned in above paragraph next move will be investing time into making 1:3 model on 3D printer which will allow us more to be done regarding finishing details and few other improvements regarding all functionalities because we know we can make this system more optimized and we intend to do that!

Now – Few Final worlds for possible investors or companies willing to talk about cooperation
We can do all this like up to now – alone but that will increase time needed to do all those but we can do it with your support and we can done that in next 1-2 months’ timeframe – Next will be making real size functional test model (prototype) for evaluation which can be done in next 1-2 months which will lead us into few finishing changes and modifications up to final testing’s!

Help us / Support our work / Get yourself licenses for production or Get the whole project (that depends on what you are interested in long term) – We are available for communication regarding cooperation – If you support us through cooperation we will do this faster and you will have product fitted for market which already show interest for this kind of systems! Who first on market with system like this will simply make more earnings in long term – Contact us – We are available on Telegram for any further communication!

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