009 014 2020 – Invitation for communication regarding Flying Charlie

Invitation for communication regarding cooperation about investment into future defense products

My name is Cedo Rajacic and I am in R&D since 1996, which kind a show vast experience in defense industry including even work for some international companies like IAI/Boeing – I use to be Skydiver / Pilot / Judoka which suits my current position where I’m hosting ArmyInfoForum, media specialised for security and defence area – One part of it is small R&D centre (NewTeC innovation) were few people work on projects in defence sphere – Now I want to draw your attention on Flying Charlie (FC) which is one of few projects we are working on in NTC!

FC is the project of scalable system for automation of mortars – for 80 and 120 mm and if needed more – It is system for automation which allows great opportunities regarding upgrading ordinary NEW and old mortar weapons – We’ve already finished development from initial idea up to developed concept with parametric CAD models and 3D animation which present rudimental idea of main functions of automated ammo storage and almost whole system for mortar barrel steering – First completely finished (initial – base) version of this system will have up to 35 mines of 120 mm calibre in automated storage, which can be fired on different targets across 270 degrees by azimuth.
One of the main engineering development achievements for FC is that system will be simple and very fast – It was intended to be the update of tactics used from small mortar teams in Vietnam, to modern standards which will allow system to take position / fire on few targets and abandon that position in just around 90 seconds – One of this system key advantages will be that only two persons is needed for all operations (only for driving and giving fire controls) – All other functions including removing misfired mine will be totally automated and we’ve succeed to make that happened even in first version!

We already predicted few add-ons in few further anticipated development phases for initial version, which will push FC to become almost totall new weapon system with great and advanced possibilities and very improved performances – Further development (or development by request) will enable usability in 360 degrees by azimuth and work with up to 180 mines in a few interconnected automated storages – It will be digitally managed which will allow required interoperability, because system will enable integration and group work – Educating users will be less problematic, unlike in case of real mortars and their tactics of use – That will make FC very perspective system which will surely impact future conflicts – In future we also intend to make version for small boats-ships / self-driving version (for airborne units) / standalone version (buried underground, waiting in standby mode) and some other which we will not disclose now!

FC will be much better solution than other already available on market (NEMO) because it is system for automation which means we can use already implemented mortar systems (barrel) from armed forces around world, plus there is no need to buy any special ammo because it will use ordinary mortar ammo which is available in huge amounts stockpiled in storages

Market for this kind of system surely exists with possibilities for acquiring thousands of products like this – USA army already trying to incorporate already available system into its own armed forces (thousands of units of Patria NEMO) plus few other European and Asian countries plan to acquire hundreds of systems similar to FC – If you’re thinking how to become the part of those arrangements, than stop thinking and start communicate with us – We already have very potent solution which was almost developed up to the end but we need support and finance – We are ready to cooperate with manufactures in continuation of our work up to final phases of testing and making prototypes!

We are interested in communication with individuals / companies / organizations which understand the possibilities of this system and what impact it will have on market with its capabilities and performance – We are small design team (NewTeC innovation center and its team are part of ArmyInfoForum editorial board) and we expect to talk about investments which will allow us to finish all that need to be done up to making and testing test models which will lead us into production of real size prototype and its testing (few months) – Our plan is to do that with support of our future business partner and future FC manufacturer – Regarding cooperation – We cannot sell IP for FC because we already have few other very advanced add-ons which we intend to develop for it, which means we will work on those improvements through few mentioned phases in next 1-1.5 years – Therefore, we intend to sell licenses for manufacturing (technical documentation) and licenses for further sales on specific markets through continuous collaborationwith manufacturer

You can find more details about FC and other projects here on this web site

If you’re interested for this kind of project, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Before presentation be prepared to sign non-disclosure agreement, because of the IP protection.

Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo
ArmyInfoForum Chief Editor and Journalist / Leader of NewTeC Innovation Design Centre

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