009 015 2020 – What is next for Flying Charlie project

Few words about further development and improvements we intend to do on Flying Charlie project

Main area of further work will be simplification of process for deployment because we noticed there is room for improvement in that sphere – I must mention that even now system can be deployed in just 15 seconds but we intend to make whole system and needed process much more simplified and optimized regarding physical space that the system occupies – For base version on trailer this version is totally ok but our work is to improve this general concept which will allow us to make prerequisites for easily make applicable any further versions (add-on improvements and upgrades for system) intended to be put on small ships/boats and version intended to be movable / self-efficient / motorised

All further versions are planned in advance where our idea is that we will connect all of them in the last one that will be practically totally new very powerful weapon system with great performances which will be needed/requested in any future conflicts in urban / rural areas

That last “robotized version” (we will apply already developed systems from our project Hunter) will have opportunity to move by itself for some distances but also available to be pulled for long distances or to be drop from plane or landed by helicopter with fast moving or airborne troops

Hunter is just ideal for this approach because we already have platform and FC will be just “another” payload for it! It surely shows that idea which lay behind author (NewTeC innovation) work is far reaching and surely up to new and modern standards which will to influence any future conflict!

I must mention that concept for Hunter was created in 2007 and that first glimpses of Flying Charlie was seen in 2009 (Patria show NEMO in 2013-2014 / South Korea just announced its own version of automation for mortars etc.) – We spend lot of years of work without priority on those projects because we did not have any support from investors / manufacturers – We hope that will change because our approach / our ideas / our concepts and almost finished projects show we have an understanding of this area which together with the knowledge and understanding of the situation (end users’ needs in different conflicts), leads to a far-reaching prediction that, as you can see, turned out to be quite accurate!

With possibility to make its fire support at distances between just 200 meters and 10 km 360 degrees by azimuth, to do that very quickly and destructively and with the possibility to change fire position after only additional 15-30 seconds will surely make one of a kind weapon system which is already available in its base version – We need just up to 12-18 months from now (with support from future manufacturer of it) to make whole system (up to the last planned version) with few very advances add-ons and improvements which will be added on this based / initial version of FC

I think all mentioned possibilities will simply make Flying Charlie one very desirable system which can be moved / pulled (by road) or transported by air (plane or helicopter) for tens or hundreds of kilometres and between points of conflict, and in the end it will move alone for few kilometres independently and quickly, which would allow him to be wherever he needs to be, and again very difficult to detect or locate and destroy

Support our further work

If you’re thinking how to become the part of those arrangements, than stop thinking and start communicate with us – We already have very potent solution which was almost developed up to the end but we need support and finance to finish all up to 100% – We are ready to cooperate with manufactures in continuation of our work up to final phases of testing and making prototypes!

NewTeC team will cooperate – work with – work for – any legal manufacturer who will support our work on finishing development of this system up to the end (base / initial version) which can be done in next few (3) months at most

For now FC is only supportive construction and nothing else – Our mentioned further intentions regarding development require partner with which we will cooperate closely on our further actions

That partner need to be someone interested in acquiring this project that will support our move to transfer all our work from virtual into reality trough making and equipping space and funding all requested capacities needed for finalising our work!

With this kind of simple approach our systems we intend to make available will surely make some influence on armed conflicts – Help us up to that point trough making your company producer of our projects (this and few other we work on) which will return all invested into our work and earn millions more troughs sales around the world

You can find more details about FC and other projects here on this web site

If you’re interested for this kind of project, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Before presentation be prepared to sign non-disclosure agreement, because of the IP protection.

Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo
ArmyInfoForum Chief Editor and Journalist / Leader of NewTeC Innovation Design Centre

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