009 021 2020 – What is next for Flying Charlie project

From virtual design centre into reality which will end up to virtual reality – Solving long time standing problems with few precise moves

After being in communication with few interested companies regarding Flying Charlie we gathered some interesting topics we intend to cover here

NewTeC innovation is small team – This presentation if just tip of iceberg of our activities – We are working in virtual and remote environment for years (since 2007) because we have that kind of approach – We are small team and up to now we have met occasionally – sometimes few times per week but sometimes one per week– that was driven mainly by financial insufficient financial resources but now – We hope that all will change significantly

Team and its future work – We need to create our business quarters where main of those will be prototyping laboratories which will be future of NewTeC Innovation core business – Those space will consist from few different areas but mainly space will be used for 3D manufacturing and electromechanicall laboratory where we will not only make but also test and improve our models/concept

One special part of that space will be reserved for everyday work on improvement of our project through 3D virtual + augmented reality which will significantly speed our process of researching and improvements trough 3D virtual sketching and testing concepts in 3D integrating 3D models and 3D sketches trough further discussion about those into augmented reality

We are very good in 3D but “artistic side” of NewTeC Innovation team is not quite bright side of our work – Integrating technical approach trough 3D models and adding virtual augmented reality into our work will allow our R&D team to work directly on 3d adding and testing deigns trough 3D virtual sketching which will help us significantly in developing ideas and working on their further development!

We need every of mentioned and main part of our future development will be specifically connected with that – Now when we have something to talk about (to sell to investors) any further business cooperation will lead us into that

Possibilities for cooperation with us surely exists but they without fail require some investment – Maybe not in full amount but surely in some amount – That’s depends what you want to get in next 2-3 or 5-6 months

I will explain where we are right now and what requirements to reach next level are:

1. We can now present video (preview from animation software) of working concept which includes CAD models form PTC Proengineer / PTC Creo and 3D animation (Autodesk Maya) – Video (mp4) is around 2-3 min long with some titles / explanations on English language – Video shows all main parts and functions of all system and that mean

a. Taking a position as well as leaving it
b. Joint work of automated warehouses and mortar barrel regarding loading and launching mine with barrel positioning (by azimuth and elevation)
c. in addition to all shown is also process or removing misfired mine
Mentioned is good enough for any expert to decide will that work and to say is this like we claimed totally unique approach / that it can be easily done / that it can be easily produced – Mentioned we hope can lead into further investments into our work because we can give results very fast into forthcoming future and even put FC into serial production in 7-9 months from now!

2. For all what we want to do in next few months we already have – CAD models for all main parts (assembly and subassemblies) of automated storage (main part of systems) and parts (assembly and subassemblies) for steering mortar barrel – That’s is regarding system which is almost finished regarding developing – We also have trailer like CAD model because trailer is important because it is first caring platform (for base version)

3. With CAD model I mean parametric model which can be changed and adjusted if needed very easily and which can be sent to production (CNC machine or 3D printer) with easy few moves which for non-experts mean we have almost all documentation for making it in reality (C5 Galaxy – military transport plane was all done in PTC Proengineer – just for your reference – and I have also work for IAI and Boeing in Proengineer) – Making 3D printed models from Creo mean next

a. Making decision in what scale you want to print it
b. Choosing right one 3D printer (regarding size) and material (filament) for 3d printing
c. Printing it
d. That’s can be days or better say weeks
i. regarding complexity and size of model
ii. regarding speed and possibilities of 3D printer

4. In next 3-5 months beside making 3D printed models (in quantity for different kind of testing) we will improve some parts and subassemblies in a way that we want that base system to allow as close as possible implementation of any of already planned add-ons which is very important for whole project because we want them to be upgrades for base version

a. Base version need to be as possible close to implementation of and further already planned add-on
b. We want to avoid future potential design changes that would interfere with the addition of any add-ones
c. Because of that we will spent some addition time to do that and allow easy and fast addition of the same to the already existing construction
I hope so that now is CRISTAL CLEAR that FC is already more than functional concept but I think we need some time more to improve few things to be able to fulfil all prerequisites and allow all further upgrades like mentioned above!

Because NewTeC innovation does not have intention to make real one weapons we will work with real sizes imitation models of barrel and mines (size / shape / height)

Making of PLASTIC model which we intend to do in next time will allow us not only to show it to interested investors in whole but also to test further modifications and add-ons on which we are working in parallel right now!

Concept of automated storage and whole electronic for it (management and sensors) was developed before 12 months and just before few weeks we finished all other regarding steering of a barrel which mean we now can easily make working (test) model because we already have all CAD parts and subassemblies needed for production of whole project

We can make that test model in next 2-3 months after we fulfil all prerequisites for making it and they are:

• Equipping few prototype laboratories need for further work
o Technical laboratory
o Electronic laboratory
o Testing laboratory

• Acquiring 3D printer for models and 3D printer for electronics

• Acquiring other needs and necessities which will allow work of laboratory in full!

Model will be 3D printed in plastic in 1/3 scaled version with working automated storage (up to few mines) and all system regarding steering of a barrel by azimuth and elevation! It will be used for showing all possibilities of work and allow us to test all electronic like management for automated storage and its work together with steering of mortar barrel – That will allow us to corrects possible mistakes up to moment where we can start making test model in real size! Test model in real size will be used for further improvements and final implementation or real one sized propulsion engines which will be used for steering of a barrel

If you are interested into more details regarding finishing FC up to developed product prepared for serial manufacturing contact us!

For all mentioned we need cooperation with world leading manufacturers who will understand value of what we can do for them or better say what we already done through development of Flying Charlie plus what we will do in future trough realisation of few other project we are currently working on in parallel with FC

Support us – be in position to give something new and exceptional to the market and provide yourself with long-term cooperation with one of the very high quality teams – We have already shown our ideas and the approach hot to make those and implement them into reality

Support us – Support our work – Be producers of what we develop – We are ready to talk about everything

If you’re interested for this kind of project, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Before presentation be prepared to sign non-disclosure agreement, because of the IP protection.

Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo
ArmyInfoForum Chief Editor and Journalist / Leader of NewTeC Innovation Design Centre

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