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My name is Rajacic Cedo also known as Urednik ArmyInfoForuma

I am expert journalist for the ArmyInfoForum which covers area of security military/police and defence areas – Beside journalism I also work on projects from the field of preliminary and concept design regarding defence industry projects from the start idea across conceptual design up the end phases of R&D – So far in my career i have had contact with the martial arts, parachuting, flying and working in the defence industry – My first love and my native job is R&D but my work now do not consist only from designing and creating new concepts – Now i am dealing with analysis trough studying large quantities of information related to security, strategy and defence industry which i apply when writing of assessments and my own analysis – In my work i use extensive number of information’s from Conflicts around the world plus Military / Police and Defence industries news which are available to me – I am an expert with years of experience and with large number of projects in the field of development and conceptual design for weapons and military equipment

Knowing market and knowing what’s happening out there in the world regarding needs and necessities is one part of solution and other is expertise and thinking out of the box regarding CAD / CAID and parametric development of all parts regarding future products! My general profession is in mechanical field and my specialisation is R&D for concept designs and partially preparation for production (Computer Numerically Controlled machines) – Throughout my career in Adrenalin (Skydiving / Flying / Judo / Aikido / Free climbing / Speleology) Defence industry and Journalism I spent lot of time on additional training and education and importantly I additionally spent 2.5 years in academy for design and animation with one year of specialisation in 3D modelling

My approach to work is more from the professional hobbyist’s perspective than from the angle of the job that has its beginning and end, after which I go home and forget about the all i work on that day!

Through my entire life I evolved into person which main job is R&D and i have done that through extensive work on my own projects regarding defence sphere! I have at least 20 / 30 thousand hours of work in parametric software’s and mainly that is PTC ProEngineer / now Creo connected with other tools for developing concepts and projects (Maya and Studio Tools) – Trough working on my projects i use next skills – Market research and Analytics / Research & Development / CAD & CAID / Industrial Engineering / 3D Modelling / 3D Animation / Industrial Design / Product Development

Since 1987 I am in aerospace area exploring this area / making models and many thing more than that

1993 I become paratrooper with 13 jumps and 30 h of flying plus I have brown belt in Judo

1996 After working in small team for some privately owned companies on developing Gun I start work in MAT on my first projects in defence sphere (Modern Arms Technologies)

1997 I have been invited into India TATA (in Kolkata) design department to give lessons and guide their people regarding R&D for new products

1998 I have work in Utva Aircraft Factory – First i was working in control department and latter i start work in design department designing aircraft parts / preparing them for manufacturing process and control every part of their production – I was working on Galaxy (IAI) and Bedek (Boeing) projects together working with IAI (Israel) engineers plus few other locally produced war planes

1999 I have been invited in Detroit (General Motors) to present my work in its design centre

After 2000 I have been working in European Uninon for Germany / Belgian shipbuilding industry developing 3D designs and mock-ups-s for yachts and motorboats trough combination of PTC and Studio Tools

2005 I started ArmyInfoForum and trough 2007 i restarted work of MAT through its new form of NewTeC (NTC) – (NewTeC is abbreviated from New Technology Centre)

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