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Few words and explanations regarding what NewTeC really doing!

Our work in NewTeC is mainly intended to make concepts / 3D CAD models and then functional models or even prototypes (3D printed) of some improvements or totally new ones future products – This surely does not mean that we in NTC are making weapons because every project which I lead is mainly intended to creation of parts / assembly or subassembly for systems which in native are not real weapon but something which allow weapon to be updated with very advanced features and to function much better!

This is very important and I am insisting on this this because if you want to make weapons you must get special permits which is problematic in any country and especially Serbia because laws allows state (MOD) to spy on your work – Simple put it will be industrial espionage because in Serbia state have their own R&D and manufacturing capacities and they will use that opportunity to take over / hijack / steal projects what has already happened with the abuse of official positions of responsible persons, including high-ranking officers of MOD / Army – Sometimes they even try to steal your IP if you try to protect it using official way through Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Laws here are very old and intentionally unprofessionally created with some features inherited even from former Yugoslavia (before 90 or even 80-s)! That is used for destroying private companies and any kind of expert or private initiatives (especially Serbian domestic ones) or for stealing projects – Simple put that is elimination of any competition with the use of a wide range of mechanisms – from corruption to the abuse of financial mechanisms and financing conditions – That’s is especially case if you do not have bribed politicians or political parties “protecting you” – Incompetence and political eligibility are everywhere and I am (personally) not person which will accept that kind of behaviour!

Because of mentioned I and beside lot of other people totally deprived of possibility to work for domestic defence industry or independently develop my own company – In the past I was even robbed from Yugoslavian MOD (now a non-existent former country) for one project valued at least 200.000 Deutsche marks in 1997/98

All this is reason for creating NewTeC and for its functioning like this! That is from most importance for us and because of that and my personally very bad experience we transfer our communication on Telegram

NewTeC is up to now part of editorial board of ArmyInfoForum and does not exist into reality (registered like real company) but people and projects are real one and believe me they are existing ones! All that can be very easily changed in several possible ways which will be explain in other part of this presentation

Regarding projects

They are completely unique in terms of a problem-solving approach and original and they are based on a very extensive knowledge of defence area and what’s happening in conflicts and predictions of necessities in the field or better say future needs of end users!

About philosophy and way of work

Now and then (since 1996) i often work on my own projects for new and potent concepts which will create products for market where demand for their usage / features / performances already exists – All projects are developed through my own LO LO LO philosophy

• Low Budget for developing
• Low Technology regarding applied solutions
• Low price for manufacturing

which simply make all those projects very attractive

That philosophy is real because I and all associated lived (and live even now) in country with wars and with economic and political sanctions and i had to adjust all my work regarding that – Just because of that those projects are very attractive because they allow that somebody can start producing those systems without too much money for investing into R&D or investing into expensive manufacturing possibilities!

Applying this into reality means that if any of companies with some kind of manufacturing possibilities accept to invest into those projects that will lead them to fast finishing of advanced and final phases of developing with creation of 3D models / prototypes for testing of those future products for which demand already exist!

Because of that we are interested to explore way to offering services or better say work for companies interested to acquire somebody or team with this kind of knowledge and expertise!

My team consist from few casual associates and their expertise is from software programing across electronics up to different kind of sensors and video procession regarding detection tracking prediction and similar

Up to now I have started work on all projects (main concept engineering / testing and final 3D design) and colleagues support me further through investing their knowledge which make lot of those projects multidisciplinary ones because of knowledge and expertise applied in them – In future that will change because associates will come with their own project and IP

I suppose that up to now it is obvious that NewTeC have people and their knowledge about market and what’s happening in the field is great – But we also have and experience and knowledge needed to do R&D and to transfer all those ideas and request into real things – Our work is not only intended to be for our own ideas because we can even improve some other products if needed (and some of us have already done those in the past) – For that we will need some extra time to evaluate those projects / products and to understand what are ways for improvements which can give results in some short period regarding time needed for R&D up to making 3D concept and 3D models!

Personal notification from author!

If we speak about my own projects in which i invest years of my time and huge amount of money i can only say that whoever make them available on the market will make huge amount of earnings!

One of main advantages regarding my work is that i applied my own LO LO LO philosophy and that mean that small amounts of money invested into NewTeC can show results in just a few weeks/months (literally)

If needs for this kind of products (knowledge or services) are real and the price for engaging or investing into NewTeC is not in the clouds i am sure it will make quite huge difference for investors and their further work on production whether they are individuals or companies!

Because of all that we are very interested for cooperation with small or medium-sized companies which will show that they appreciate all ideas / experience and knowledge needed to make those from ideas to products into reality – Finally and most importantly I think we can make all those products cheap to manufacture and easy to sell over the world!

Few very important things about projects

Projects i am working on are:

• not weapons but supportive systems and/or constructions which improve main weapon systems
This mean that production of this kind of equipment/products is not restricted or regulated by any special law which lead to conclusion that any even small or medium better equipped metal workshop can make parts or even whole product

• created through implementing my own LO LO LO philosophy
hat’s mean LOw Budget for developing – LOw Technology regarding applied solutions and LOw price for manufacturing which simply make all project attractive for any investor / manufacturer

• created by using state of the art technology but tech implemented in product are far from that
This mean that manufacturing of products developed like this can be done by almost any investor with some production capacities and in any part of the developed or even undeveloped world/regions – It is definitively not reserved only for powerful companies from defence sphere

• created with intention to solve some to expert’s evident problems
That mean i evaluated lot of information from the field plus real experiences trough conversations and further analysis of tons of other available content from the conflict zones to be in a position to make decision what need to be improved and how that can be done

• created to offer results some much expensive and “hi tech” system can’t offer
For this kind of a results i have to think out of the box and that is not so tough if you are not part of big system – If you are part of system than you are very limited – If you don’t have any limitation than you are free to make solution which works using LO LO LO approach and beside it is cheap for production

• created without any bad influence from any side
I have not been “loaded” with any requests (for instance of manufacturing companies to implement their stuff) expect my main targets which has been results i need to achieve which i set by myself – This approach lead me to some totally simple ways of solving problems

• based on my own ideas/unique approach to address current and future threats
Looking and evaluating same problems and dangers trough years lead me to start thinking how to solve them – My knowledge from mechanical field and familiarisation with defence industry lead me to make simple / feasible solutions to address those problems

Message to readers
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