Some examples of our projects – En

Examples of NewTeC projects – Some of them will be added here on list with links to the specific posts with description and additional explanations about them

All descriptions and data will be in English language!

Those are only previews / descriptions about some of projects which are in different phases of research & development process – In future we will add other projects with similar descriptions and explanation for better understanding

For some of them we in NewTeC can finish R&D in months and create 3D printed models to show proof of concept which will show the great (but partial) usability / functionality of the whole concept and way of work

Almost all of them (those with time estimations) exist not only in documentations trough guide lines but in reality trough CAD models (with all technical documentation available in minutes) / 3D animations and similar mentioning that for some of those trough development i already make parts / assemblies in reality to test whole concept trough 3D printed prototypes models (that is only for internal purposes of development)

Those are only few from our list on which we are working rightn now

• Precisely detection of enemy fire ***
Fast and precise detection of enemy fire
• Spider – Terminal defence system **
Intended for destroying all smart attacking means in terminal phases of attack
• MERO – Modular armour ***
Intended for very fast use for protection of different kind of vehicles (mainly soft targets)
• BZTK – Combat transport construction **
Intended for improving survivability and fighting possibilities of end users
• Flying Charlie – Automation of mortars ***
Intended for standalone automation of used and new mortars

Number of stars (*) beside project mean stage in which we are

* Initial concept development
** 3D (CAD) models / 3D animations for presentation of work
*** All CAD assemblies’ subassemblies and parts needed for 3D printing or CNC manufacturing

If you think that some of mentioned / presented concepts for future product is interesting for you company please contact us and we can inform you more about them – Regarding possible information’s you can expect exact or partial info about

• Project
• Phases of its development

in general
in details

• Needed material, technical and human potential (for financing purposes)
• Prerequisites for continuation of R&D
• Market and potential end users
• Abut usability of future product
• Possibilities for cooperation
• About potential risks

In general those will be quite enough for beginning of possible cooperation

Message to readers
English is not our native language but i really hope everything written here is understandable
I apologize in advance if you encounter some errors or uncertainties caused by language barriers
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Think about this / Be active / Have your own opinion / Don't let anyone impose it on you / Discuss it in communication with us and you will be more informed