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Hi to all – My name is Cedo and i am from Europe (Balkan/Serbia) – I am ArmyInfoForum Chief Editor and journalist and this will be kind of a addressing the interested public from abroad

Investing in R&D of concepts and projects in defence field

Interconnection of people with ideas and projects with managers, investors and companies from defence field and further communication regarding possibilities for investing in R&D regarding them

My personal agenda is to gather people with ideas and projects which will be presented trough work of this web site plus promoted to managers and companies which will be in communication with NewTeC

I personally will publish my ideas in case of preliminary and concept design regarding defence industry projects but main idea of my actions is more than that – I want also to:
• to help and promote all other authors and creator of that kind of projects,
• help them to improve projects through communication with implementation of knowledge and experience/guidance from communication with managers and investors if possible
• to try to arrange communication with managers, investors or companies from this field for further presentation with intention to attract investments!

I am interested to explore is it possible to use this kind of communication and promotion to make contacts with managers (possibly with investment possibilities) or with investors or companies from defence field interested to explore new and good one concepts and possibly great future product

This text present main idea and if you want to know more or to check projects please contact me!

I am not only in defence sector like a journalist (You can find little more about me below in tab about author) but also in defence R&D including new concepts and modernising already existing systems and equipment! I want to continue to be informed like i already am but i want to be back in full into R&D becouse inventing and work in R&D is definitively something in which i enjoy

NewTeC (New Technology Centre) is kind of virtual bureau (since 2007) for new projects (to this day mainly my own) in defence field – Because of that and already available projects (some very potent) i am interested to explore way of this group work and to see is there any interests regarding communication between companies and people with ideas (and knowledge to finalise them) in case of new projects! You can find little more about NewTeC below!

I believe in myself because i am person with ideas and knowledge to assess market needs but i still don’t have good managers who can participate in final stages of concept development and further placement to interested producers or investors! Those finalising stages are mainly intended for investors and that include for instance translating all those documents in English (correcting crudely written English into nice one), make good and professional video (3D) presentations and similar!

My English is kind a god but grammar and vocabulary are not like those from native English people which mean that documents need special attention in “adaptation and embellishment” to make it easier to understand! I suppose that also other people around the world also have “similar” problems regarding communication with serious managers, investors or companies!

Some of information about NewTeC projects and explanation of ideas can be found here on this web site on my native language

One of very potent projects has name Spider and here’s few words about it

System Spider protects your valuable military assets from future smart attacks – This is a presentation for the terminal defensive system with a call for investment.

Project Spider – Overview

Spider – Mission Statement
The Spider is project is in the engineering R&D phase; our intention is to create a weapons system that will be ideal for terminal defence duties. Further development of the concept is mainly directed towards similar multipurpose products for different defence applications for all services – Army, Air, Navy with surface and submarine assets.

Spider – Creation of system
Spider’s initial development has been aimed as an add on module for defence of the System Hunter platforms (NewTeC’s Robotic vehicle) – The main idea being integration of an add on module for that vehicle to provide defence from anti-armour guided rockets – With further independent development of that module we created Spider which is now a very potent concept for defence from different kinds of offensive resources.

Spider – Working environment
The main part of the system is the Ammunition Box (AB) which contains the Kinetic interceptors (KIP) – Ammunition Boxes can be used individually or in packs from several types of launcher that we intend to develop – The launchers are mainly intended to enable sequential use of AB from one location without the need for immediate reloading – Launchers are in general simply a place for packing multiple AB-s – They are mainly static and in some advanced versions can be steerable for azimuth and elevation – This is the basis of a Spider system which could include hundreds (up to 120) of AB-s controlled by small control centre – In a case where we control multiple launchers (perhaps many hundreds of AB-s) we plan to integrate control centres for thousands AB units which will enable system Spider to provide defence from multiple simultaneous attacks in high volume and from different directions

Spider – Working methods
The concept of Spider ammunition is to provide a small sector system where every AB covers specific degree by azimuth and elevation – It can be put around object in a defensive pattern which allows layered defence from every direction – ABs can be put around the object being defended independently or in launchers to cover it from all sides to protect it from all directions – Interception of attacking objects is achieved through activation of the AB after which a kinetic interceptor is launched – That KIP creates a virtual wall in a specific direction from the direction of an attack – That interception wall can be repeatedly created by activation of multiple AB-s with a short delay which will guarantee termination of all attacking assets at a specific distance. Launching of AB will be done through electronics which will make the decisions when and which AB to use to intercept any specific target – Time and number of activated ABs will be calculated using data obtained by sensory inputs (speed and trajectory of attacking asset) – A protective layer of kinetic interceptors will be created not only on the trajectory of the attacking asset(s) but will also cover additional degrees by azimuth and elevation, meaning that one standard and independent AB (50 x 50 x 5 cm) can project a virtual interception wall of kinetic interceptors on distance of 50 m which is 5 x 5 meters large – Activating 4 ABs from a fixed launcher creates a protective wall 10 x 10 meters large and creatinga protective wall from group of fixed launchers by activating 12 AB creates a 30 x 10 m protection wall. It is worth mentioning that most attacking objects are 5-10 times smaller than 1 meter

This is only smart part which is already “adapted” from whole 6-7 pages of document i have written! How parts are corrected and adaptet for English they will be published here!

Rest of up to date further documents in Serbian language about Spider are is mentioned here and waiting for adaptation:

    • Project Spider – (that it this partially translated text about Spider which you are reading now)
    Overview of project Spider with lot of already known details
    • Development phases (in general)
    Regarding main development phases with little details in general
    • Development phases (in details)
    Details regarding every already known process for R&D and testing
    • The material, technical and human resources
    Known details regarding future main actions, people and resources
    • Conditions for start of work plus financial conditions
    Money needed for work and how it will be spend with risk and benefits
    • Market and sales
    About todays and future market and Spider great possibilities on it
    • Specifics and methods for use
    Regarding system versions and strategy of use with real application

Last but not list is few words about NewTeC (NTC) – NewTeC will be project bureau specifically intended for R&D of projects and their testing (test models, prototypes and small pre–production again for comprehensive testing) – NTC projects will be mainly regarding defence applications in case of new one researches, new add–ones or future improvements of already available systems! Regarding that in NewTeC we already have few projects in which author and main developer Rajacic Cedo invested its own money and we will just mention some of them with one note – every assignment in NewTeC is created with LO LO LO philosophy (Low Budget – Low Price – Low technology):

• Project Hunter – Automated robotic platform from 4×4 up to 16 x 16 wheels (if needed even more)
This platform will be created around simple “power modules” which will have everything for steering, driving and “lifting cargo” – Every power module will have its own weight plus it will have predefined payload (generator not included) – If you need 300 kg od payload you will simple interconnect several power modules and you will get what you need! This kind of platform can overcome lot of obstacles plus it can change weapon modules by its own which mean even on field Hunter will have opportunity to change its weapons modules by its own (multipurpose usability) – Everything needed for some specific weapon module will be packed inside and only limitation will be its weight – We intend to make modules with 100, 200, 300 and 500 kg (and more) weight which covers almost all army weapons except big guns – From 7.62 to 12.7mm guns, 20–30 and 40 mm canons, mortars from 80 to 120 mm, grenade launchers up to communication transmitters, small radars etc.

• Simple system for driving in bad or night conditions without lights
Intended to be cheap (in R&D phases), modular and applicable on almost all light and medium armoured and ordinary vehicles and trucks, boats, helicopters and similar – Easy to mount and use on lot of possible applications – Further R&D will lead this system to integrate modules for camera control with tracking head movements which will allow usability for situation awareness, directing targeting and action with weapon systems

• Simple system for precisely detect an enemy fire (up to 30 mm calibre)
Simple cheap (in R&D phases) and modular panel system for fixing on vehicles and buildings which can precisely detect and direct weapon systems in direction (2–3 degree tolerance) from where attack is committed – It can allow integration of and interchange data with group control which will allow situation awareness of convoys and moving in contested areas (ambushes) – It will allow interchange commands and indirect fire which means using weapons systems to attack non visible targets – Further R&D will lead this system to be upgraded and connected with another one system for decreasing thermal reflection

• Flying Charlie 2000 PLUS – Simple, fast and reliable automation of mortars
Independent automation or upgrade of already used mortars from 60 to 120 (240) mm calibre – This is modern update of tactics used from mortar teams in Vietnam – Intended to automate all process regarding mortar allowing action in under minute from given notice – Will be used with automated warehouses with 60–90 ammo storage with possibility to choose ammo, chose desired effect on target (predefined behaviour) and to be used only by one operator in lot of possible configurations: on small towed trailer for fast air drops or amphibious actions, on boat or small vehicles or even buried with 2 months of standby work – It will be digitally managed with very advance possibilities of usability, masking, usable 360 degree by azimuth and 180 by elevation and similar – Intended to be around 2.5 ton heavy with special trailer for it which will allow action from driving to stop to fire in not more than 15 seconds, up to 6 sec per every shot where shots can be fired at totally different angles by azimuth or elevation and continuation of driving in another 15 sec

• Ammo selector/feeder for up to 105 mm calibres
Intended to remove need for complicated guns with double feeding and to allow easier change type of ammo on ordinary guns and cannons – It will allow possibility to digitally choose different ammo from several automated ammo storages, to connect several storages into one system and to get all data about ammo in there (number, temperature, evenly ammo distribution and similar) – Intended for upgrading all systems from 12.7 up to 105 mm gun calibre

This is only a few projects on which i Rajacic Cedo like an author and developer worked with small team of my associates from different areas!

If interested fell free to contact me!

I want to see is there is a way this web site can be used in this sphere connecting people with ideas with people with money – managers, investors and companies from defence field – If some interest is shown than it can be beneficial to all which are involved in R&D od manufacturing processes regarding defence products and defence field!

Iskreno Vas – Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo – ArmyInfoForum
Glavni i odgovorni urednik i novinar – Chief editor and journalist

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