MERO – Modular Explosive Reactive Armour

This is standalone project intended to create solution for making fast response (rapid) armour for any kind of unarmoured (civilian) vehicle used for police / military purposes (or any similar demanding use) – MERO is abbreviation of Serbian name for a project – Modularni Ekslozivno Reaktivni Oklop (Modular Explosive Reactive Armour) which was mainly created to offer to the world fast and easy way to transfer its ordinary unarmoured vehicles (soft targets) into partially armoured ones usable for some kind of patrolling / troop transport and similar – In some countries (conflicts) they use even unarmoured means in combat operations so that MERO would give them far greater opportunities – Instead of days or weeks (in some cases) to make armoured vehicle MERO will allow that to be done in few hours or even less than that – MERO will protect vehicle and people in it from first attack and enemy fire up to 12.7 calibre (even RPG) – This is not final solution for armouring but surely is one of fastest one on the world which will be available (packed in storages) to be usable immediately when and where is needed! Market for this kind of product is literally whole world because lot of countries in problematic situations simply use cheap civilian vehicles for different kind of security duties or in conflicts for combat operations – All those are “soft” targets exposed for any kind of enemy or terrorist attacks but MERO will make them much more tough and protected which can save countless number of lives and manpower for “end user units”!

Time needed for finishing R&D and making first rudimental models and proof of concept – 3-5 months

005 010 2020 – Project was split into three different phases / areas of development
First which was already finished was creating Modular Armour for rudimental protection of all soft targets up to 7.9 mm calibre (and more if needed)
Second will be further development and adding reactive part which will eliminate danger up to 14.5 mm and possible even RPG threats
Third phase will be adjustment of Modular Armor for personal use regarding special military and police units regarding brutal raids and intrusions with heavy gunfire and bombs in theater

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