Precisely detection of enemy fire – En

System for precisely detection of direction of enemy fire (up to 20 mm calibre)

Started like an add on for Hunter but promoted to new independent (standalone) project – Simple cheap and modular partially disposable panel system for fixing on vehicles and buildings which can precisely detect direction of enemy fire (and even calibre which has been used for attack) and guide weapon systems in that direction (up to maximum of 2 degrees tolerance) from where attack is committed – It can allow integration of and interchange data with group control which will allow situation awareness for convoys and easier moving in contested areas (reaction to ambushes) – It will allow interchange commands and information which can lead to possibility for using weapons systems to attack non visible targets

Time needed for finishing R&D and making first rudimental models and proof of concept – 2-3 months

Additional explanations
If you compare possible precision of this system you can see that it will give much better results than much expensive systems already in use that cost 50.000 $ + per vehicle! Precision of today’s system are from 10-15 degrees (at least 5 time worse than what this can offer) and those system can point end user to big building from where attack was done (15 degrees of tolerance is approximately 225 m on 1000 m distance) – My system will show exact area of one or two floors above and below apartment from where attack was done (urban area – 300/500 m distance)! Some initial prediction for a panel price is less than 100$ per square meter (for production) – There will be at least 2 sizes od panels for vehicles – The largest one will be done in 0.5 x 0.5 or 1×1 m size but they it will have disposable interchangeable parts and second one will be smaller for filling gaps in cover – Further development is mainly intended to connect this with another one project intended for decreasing thermal image of vehicle which are using with the idea of making one of the two systems by merging them

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