Project Hunter – En

Automated robotic platform from 4×4 up to 16 x 16 wheels (if needed even more)

This platform will be created around simple “power modules” which will have everything for steering, driving and “carrying of usable payload” – Every power module will have its own weight plus it will have predefined payload (generator not included) – If you need 300 kg od payload you will simple interconnect several power modules (in smallest combination 4×4 but it can be up to 16×16) and you will get what you need! This kind of platform can overcome lot of obstacles plus it can change weapon modules by its own which mean even on field Hunter will have opportunity to change its weapons modules by its own (multipurpose usability) – Everything needed for some specific weapon module will be packed inside and only limitation will be its weight – We intend to make modules with 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 kg (and more) weight which covers almost all army weapons except big guns – From 7.62 to 12.7mm guns, 20–30 and 40 mm canons, mortars from 80 to 120 mm, grenade launchers up to communication transmitters, small radars including light anti-aircraft systems etc.

Time needed for finishing R&D …….

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