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What can be expected regarding future cooperation?

I will try to be precise in terms of what NewTeC will offer and what can be expected

First and most important thing is that there is nothing for free – There is no chance to get a project for any of mentioned products / and other unmentioned / or part of it for free – That is impossible and reasons are very simple

We offer investments through phases where each phase will be negotiated and agreed separately – After several of phases all aspects of project will be fully completed and will have all mentioned and some (unmentioned / advanced) features – Above paragraph regarding phases for project Flying Charlie explained why that is impossible at all!

First or initial investor will be first who will be contacted and informed about each subsequent stage planned for future realisation – He will have opportunity to decide will he invest into any additional ones – If he refuse than NewTeC team can offer investing opportunity for that specific phase to somebody else – Offer will be to invest in that phase and investor will at the end of it get licences for production of those add-ons and opportunity to sell them where he wants – Maybe this sounds bad but this is market and sentence from beginning of this paragraph explain all – Any attempt to take something without paying is simply doomed to failure

There are few reasons for it and first and most important is that nobody except authors will not know exactly all details about add-ons and their way of functioning and what all of them will give at the end (that is kind a protection not only for projects but for authors) – Because of that simple reason not even one project cannot be sold (in whole and in advance) because development up to the end with all features must continue through phases end each successive phase develops from the previous one – That simple mean that those things that have not been completed / developed cannot be sold – You can’t buy it in advance but you can think about financing it through entire development in the future!

By investing in all phases, the investor will have a complete solution and at least licenses for their production (posibility to own IP is also exist) – One important thing is that development process is not finished at this point simply because after these few already planned will come next few ones which will be developed in mean time and every one of those will bring new possibilities for sales and additional earnings! That’s way the lifespan of the product is extended with each new phase or with each new improvement (with each new add-on)!

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