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Somy of you will ask about patent rights protection and control

Well, one of NewTeC author opinions is that protection of these things in advance (at beginning) does not make sense for the simple reason that everyone will try to copy this through reverse engineering and will succeed in that sooner or later so in that sense patenting before the end of development (of any phase) simply does not make sense

In today’s world where everybody wants to steal these kind of projects there is very increased need for great protection of communication – Today’s opportunities for industrial espionage (including state ones) and providing information about everything simply doesn’t go with each other – Further disclosure of Intellectual Protection documents intended for protection will further provoke those kind of behaviour and that does not make sense

Maybe I am wrong (who knows) in my above statements but protection of everything will surely exists and it will be done through secured work / cooperation with NewTeC team in terms of encrypted communication with investors (and possibly manufacturing company) until production begins

Few facts
Secrecy and protection of our ideas and market advantages surely does not go hand in hand with state control (especially in Serbia) – I simple do not want to allow anybody from state or anywhere to steal from NewTeC and its associates!

For above mentioned reason of the non-existence of so-called state control, there will be those who will think that we will make weapons of doom – NewTeC will surely not make any kind of biological chemical or nuclear systems because knowledge and experience invested into NewTeC through its team and associates simply do not allow that

We intend to sell our ideas to investors which can prove their existence on the market and their interest for production or sales on the same which mean they are end users for IP or technical documentation – Regarding that we do not want to break any kind of UN Security council sanctions regarding proliferation of weapons / systems or technology with states under embargos!

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