SUHV – Single Use Hit Vehicle – En

Project KB – Killer Bee (SUHV – Single Use Hit Vehicle)

Since 2007 we in NewTeC work on at least 10-15 new small and big project which start from Hunter (robotic platform) – which is scalable automated transport platform for different kind of mainly weapon system payloads up to last which is project KB (Killer Bee) which is concept of UAV intended to be modular / scalable in weight and payload / 3D Printed / physically small and low observable in flight with possibility to be easily launched from shoulder from tubular transport container

KB will be used for reconnaissance but mainly for one way (suicidal) attack duties / alone or in swarm formation! Intention is that KB be very easy and cheaply to produce in great numbers allowing swarm attacks which will start from a few tens across few hundred to a maximum number of up to a thousand UAV’s – Main idea behind KB is making cheap but reliable attacking system which will function in swarms – Philosophy of use is that one attack of these attacking means can make hundreds of millions in damages on target trough destroying or damaging great number of planes and helicopters on military airports / damaging ships and defence system in ports / putting out manufacturing means in industrial areas / destroying or damaging communication centres – radars – anti-aircraft and anti-missiles systems and even different kind of units in the conflict areas!

Time needed for finishing R&D – 4-6 months

Additional information’s about this project

First glimpse of a project was created through half 2019 – Working name than was SUHV which is abbreviation from Single Use Hit Vehicle – Now project name is KB – Killer Bee and i suppose that device name will be SUHV because it is logical one! Since then project was improved trough giving guidelines and requirements framework for design and functionality – Like all other projects we are developing in NewTeC KB is result of unique approach and out of the box thinking regarding giving solution for solving a lot of different problems

What was first idea for SUHV – Beside you already have almost all explanation in its name (SUHV) main idea was creation of:

• Small with 5 – 15 kg of usable payload
• Simple and modular in design and concept
• To be able to be prepared and used only by one person
• To be cheap for production and mass swarm usage

This approach is interesting and kind a unique because lot of today designs for military usage (similar in payload and possibilities) is ordinary aerodynamically design (copycats) which have almost same problems

• Need long take-off and landing area with fairly good runway conditions
• If they do not need runaway than they need kind a big launching and catching equipment
• Steady and favourable meteorological conditions

That’s mean this project will have next characteristics:

• Very simple and very modular design
• From 1.5 – 2 m length
• With 20-30 cm diameter
• Body will be 3D printed interconnected modules with 3 different type of parts
nose and tail
• Outer aero dynamical shape and wings will be from soft rubber
• It will have low observation characteristic regarding radars
• It will have folded wings (in launching container)
• It will have propulsion inside of a hard part of a body
• Packed in a launching container in a shape of a tube
• Suitable for vertical launching up to 3-5 meters of high
• Suitable for launching and use in all metrological conditions

How main idea for this kind of a project was created at first place!

One of projects on which we are working more than 8 years is project Spider which is in general system for terminal defence intended to destroy every kind of smart ammo usable 360 degrees by azimuth and 180 degrees by elevations with possibility to defend target from hundreds of smart attacking means in same moment from different azimuths and elevations – Sound very mightily and believe us it is because there is not even one available solution up to now which is cheap and with cheap ammo on the market (or even in development) which can do this at same moment

Spider – Terminal defence system – En

But how that is connected with SUHV

Our work on Spider put us in situation to spend lot of time evaluating all dangers that system need to solve and one by its author opinion biggest is UAV swarm attack and its developing in near and middle term time frame – He predicted (Publicly exposed opinion) even at 2012 that this kind of a threat will make almost obsolete lot of different defensive systems mainly regarding defending air space (SAM and anti-aircraft missiles and artillery) – Normally that counts mainly for all countries which are not superpowers and that mean almost 95% of states on this planet

Because of all that and tracking all what is important regarding project Spider we immediately noticed problem because lot of already available UAV systems are not well suited for those kind of work (swarm and attacks) and usage and knowing all potential of market we decided to create SUHV with guides to achieve almost unique characteristics

• From 5-15 kg of payload launched from a trailer or from a shoulder (tube launcher)
• To be used in all weather conditions
• Possibility to fly fast or to hover in one place
• To be very low observable regarding radars

This kind of approach of what SUHV needs to allow and geometry which will be kind a variable make some problems regarding hovering in tough meteorological conditions because it will be unstable for something human will see as ordinary “man” flight – That will be solved with simple small on board electronic to do part of that job

That universal “brain” will also allow carrying out major tasks SUHV need to do and that is to be programmed what to do and how to do it in advance (predefined behaviour) – It can fly away do something (attack / monitoring) or be back and land where it was programmed to do – It can be available for another use fast after that but must be refill and repack in launching tube

This is not “something to fly around with remotely control from the ground – No … this is start of a developing one of very useful and potent smart attacking solution which can gradually become real swarm attack tool because it was intended for that from the beginning … It is not intended to be used with remote control because flying it through any remote control option can be intercepted decrypted and evaluated and easiest job for enemy will be disabling those controls through electromagnetic interference, so in this sense SUHV is intended for a largely predefined use where it is known what is to be achieved through applying this attacking solution!

Future for this kind of possibilities is bright because SUHV will have possibility to load few targets in it with priorities which mean if he find (detect) some high priority target it will attack it – It can be some influence on SUHV actions but i will not write all about strategy of use here – We in NewTeC already has some experience and knowledge regarding detection acquisition and tracking objects on a project Bird Cage and that knowledge will be partially implemented here regarding acquisitions of targets and targeting them!

What will be main characteristics of SUHV system

Cheap to produce – from 2-5 k euro / dollars up to more depending on size / load
Ease to assembly with all needed parts / payload and pack them in tubes for transport and use
Easy to be used for attack and monitoring / reconnaissance missions
Easy to use them in hundreds on same mission (or same target)
Easy to launch them from trailer or container troughs sequential initiation
To launch them fast one after another allowing forming of an attack swarm

Some possibilities for future use – Packed in trailer it can be launched in number of 300-500 attacking same target – military airport / naval port / army bases / camps and outposts / defence industrial complex installations etc.

Example of usability
Price can be up to 150-200 k euros / dollars per attack
Results – possible damage on target can be hundreds of millions of euro / dollars
Way of usage – depending of target payload can be for different purposes – From plastic explosive up to flammable materials for destroying soft targets
What can be attacked – fighter or big transport airplanes / different kind of helicopters / different kind of radar and communication installations / anti-aircraft artillery or missile systems / fuel terminals / non-reinforced concrete aircraft shelters etc – Attack must be evaluated and predefined in advance with main attacking force plus spare units

This way of attack can also be used for single hit and elimination of one person but also for elimination of destroying any kind of terrorist possibilities (camps equipment and 4×4 technicals) and men’s they have in whatever part of a world! Beside ordinary up to date usability can be overwhelming powerful antiaircraft defensive positions around big and expensive systems with missiles like S300 / S400 / S500 / Patriot and similar systems

Prerequisites – Innocent-looking trailer parked few km from target (depends from SUHV range) – Already available satellite or reconnaissance view on target for in planning and attack – Predefined strategy of an attack – After parking and trailer all other things can be done totally automatically after crew is left from place of attack

Main advantage of this whole approach is that can be created in weeks and inexpensive regarding all other advanced solutions on market

I already done initial design of 3D concept regarding body and all parts including those for propulsion units – You need few 3D printers and materials in quantities – Other parts including electronics are already available on market

Things to be done to achieve useful results

Finish all R&D process for body and wings – chose suitable propulsion units – start and finish codding in first rudimental electronics regarding safe flying – start tests and do it often improving electronics and mechanisms trough testing and evaluations – All that is cheap because modularity and 3D printing allow inexpensive way of making and evaluating models and making its improvements trough real one testing – modular design mean standardized plastic part of a body will be used interconnected few times in a row up to requested payload and space and that can be changed if needed – First model will have at least 2 or 3 propulsion units and that can be if needed increased regarding needed payload

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