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System Spider – Terminal defence system

Initially development of Spider has been for defence of NewTeC’s robotic vehicle Hunter – (first NTC project created in 2007) – The main idea being integration of an add on module for that vehicle to provide defence from anti-armour guided rockets – Now Spider is independent project with intention to create a system that will be ideal for multipurpose terminal defence duties – Further development of the concept is mainly directed towards similar multipurpose products for different defence applications for all services – Army, Air, Navy with even surface ships and submarine assets – The concept will provide a small sector system where every launcher covers specific degree by azimuth and elevation – Those launchers can be put around object in a defensive pattern which allows layered defence from every direction – After activating for interception ammo from launchers creates a virtual wall in a specific direction from the direction of an attack – It will be controlled by small command centres (up to 120 different launchers / positions per centre) but system will allow their further integration allowing control of thousands of different positions – Ammo which is main part and hart of system Spider was already initially developed with addition of rudimental launchers on the simple towed pedestal – We also prepared video presentation of ammo (available on below link) and its way of work including launchers – In that video you can find all explanations about main parts of system and way of work including one example of usability for protecting helicopters – All that was created in a move to show / explain how system work and how it can be integrated on all other mentioned platforms (carriers)!

Time needed for finishing R&D and making first rudimental models and proof of concept – 5-7 months

Additional explanations
Some of Spider features will be
– It will be only one solution all over the world which can react on multiple targets / in same time / from different azimuths – 360 degrees / from different elevations – 180 degrees – When i mention multiple targets i mean on hundreds of them
– One of very potent duties will be protection against / elimination of small UAV’s which fly up to 3000 m height
– One of very potent duties will be protection against / elimination of hundreds of drones working / flying and attacking in swarm formations
– There is not even one solution which is cheap and with cheap ammo which can eliminate any or all mentioned threats at this moment!

Spider is “simplified” system intended to destroy any smart ammo including hypersonic missiles / rockets and other very fast attacking means – It is simple because it does not have any detecting means but it will use what end user already have – It will be added to already fielded systems and do its duties

Somebody will ask how we can “attack and destroy hypersonic missiles” when much expensive multibillion dollar systems cant – That’s is allowed by our approach for solving main problems – We do not target enemy kill weapons trying to track and attack them through time and space – We simply make layers of barriers and allow attacker to hit them instead of defended objects – If you can see attacking means (missiles and rockets) and if you can track them up to the point that its speed and trajectory are known we can destroy it using our Spider ammo

Few important notifications – what types of smart ammunition can be eliminated by the action of the Spider system – Ground to Ground / Ground to Air / Air to Ground / Air to Air / Ground to Sea / Air to Sea / Sea to Sea and that mean all TV / IC / Laser / Radar or Wire guided attacking means including very fast anti-ship missiles – Some of anti-ship missiles at the end of their operative range can be up to few tons heavy and up to few mach’s (speed of sound) fast – Spider can be also adjusted and prepared for elimination of torpedoes and any of their derivatives which will be total elimination of any submersible attacking means

Video with Serbian titles like explanations is available here – Soon you can expect video in English with additional audio explanations


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