005 005 2020 – What is next for Precisely detection of enemy fire

In few last week’s through my work i have succeed to greatly improve possible redundancy of panel plus improve its application regarding precision

I think i can offer precision which will be at least 2-3 times better than previously presented (greatly bellow 1 degree of tolerance) plus redundancy od system will be greatly increased – One important thing which didn’t been mentioned earlier is possibility to use same system only in the opposite direction and to use it on end user (soldier or policeman) – It will not precisely detect direction from which the attack was carried out but will be used for precisely detecting area where end user was hit with possibility to detect angle and even calibre of projectile – This can be done through new type of uniform but also this can be implemented on the first protective measures in the form of body armour / helmet and rest of gear soldiers and policeman’s use – It can also be used in under amour “layer” which mean multiple possibilities for detection and assessments of possible injuries – This will allow immediate reaction of medic only regarding data available to some central system which collect data which can issue automatic alarm regarding possible state in which the user of such a system is

Example of great usability will be tracking special forces / police force members in fast actions with great risk (brutal raids or intrusions with lot of gun fire explosions etc.) – Their state and possible injuries can be tracked almost in real time increasing time for fast reaction and saving their lives! Rest of possibilities regarding use of system on soldier can be connected with detection of blood type (venous or capillary) and its spilling with temperature which can greatly increase and improve possibilities for a reaction prepared in advance with certain already known parameters!

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