005 015 2020 – What is next for Precisely detection of enemy fire

Regarding finishing of R&D for this project for use like panelled system

That can be done in 2-3 weeks or 1-2 months where most time will be used for precisely detect best approach for mass production regarding materials with great performances and usability and their price! Literally i can offer some results in 1-2 months and that time will be spent not on testing concept because it works but on waiting for prototypes because in this moment i do not have possibility for rapid and precise prototyping in areas of electronic and that possibility is very needed for this kind of project!

Investing 5-10.000 Eu in that possibility (beside all other financial needs) will allow me to acquire those now and start making prototypes (very fast) for testing up to the final proof of usable concept! I can make proof of concept making few panels and putting them on shooting range where usability could be examined by simply indicating from where the shot fired in panel came from (precisely) – I will only point out that in order to show usability (publicly), it would be necessary in addition to the development of panel to finish developing electronics and software that would show the results in some way, which is necessary to do in order to have a complete solution which can be independently checked and tested

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