006 006 2020 – Author opinion – Modern development of armoured vehicles!

Modern development of armoured vehicles – What is missing?

I am talking about new approach to design and solving problems – I have still to see that one implemented anywhere and to best of my knowledge all well establish companies including new emerging companies in the field and their products are kind of a copycat of some already available existing solution already in production for a long period of time.

What is missing is next
• New approach regarding design and protection
• New approach regarding arming armoured vehicles
• New approach to the modularization of all

To careful viewers who track all what’s happening in defence industry comparing those with end results in conflicts become visible that lot of new solutions simply does not solve already known problems regarding protection and usability – Everybody want to make as heavy and as protected vehicle on already very expensive platforms

Product like that is very expensive and end user is whether he wanted to or not tied to the seller – All that is very expensive and if we look through results in conflict in Yemen Syria Libya end elsewhere we see that many of modern and so expensive vehicles are destroyed almost every day in dozens – Mainly they are destroyed almost new one and partially that is because of next reasons

• uneducated crew
• product is almost always very well undrearmed

One problem is uneducated crews and how much time end user spend of their educations and preparation for service but totally another problem is regarding usability which seems increasingly becoming indirect one and that is problem regarding design and way of use

Terrorists / Armed gangs and other armed organisations (freedom fighters) become every day smarter and smarter but that was not followed through developments except in some rare cases and only regarding upgrading level of protection regarding penetration in terms of calibre and nothing more than that – Armoured vehicles are bigger every day plus they are getting heavier – Big and fat target like that plus they are very well undreamed mean almost guaranteed maladaptation to a quick and powerful response to an enemy attack


I am working on a solutions for that and I already have them developed almost in details but i do not think that any company in the world paying attention on all those – If you want that end user ask you for something you will wait for a years to come – It is almost impossible to see any kind of pre-emptive work regarding R&D in this field regarding offering solutions to end user`s needs in today and specifically in tomorrow`s conflicts.

Who become first going in that direction can expect good results because you must think about world markets and not only about fat envelops from your own defence sector – Making available solutions for this kind of an approach can lead to decades of product service life which will constantly be upgraded and which mean much better cooperation with end users all over the world …

One fact which explains all this is that mainly high-ranking managers and not well educated and informed regarding end users possibilities and needs – They are mainly economists layers or experts from different kind of branches but without too much experience regarding market and happening in conflict which will surely give them some glimpses of what’s happening in outer world out of their offices and scientific conferences

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