010 007 2020 – Modular Armour – Where are we now and what you want from that

Like i already explain in main text about this project (Modula Armour) MERO is abbreviation of Serbian name Modularni Ekslozivno Reaktivni Oklop and on English that is Modular Explosive Reactive Armour – If you read next you will understand this is not ordinary ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) but something much more sophisticated and applicable to much more wide area of end users across all over the world!

I am sure that lot of people from your or any other company (even you) will say that (M)ERO is nothing spectacular new and innovative because reactive armour exists at least 60 years but in this case things are different

MERO have few very interesting features which make it very desirable for end users – It is mainly intended to allow fast and easy armouring of ordinary 4×4 vehicles (widely known as “technicals” over Asia and Africa and South America) which will significantly improve their further usability in military / police actions! When i say fast i think really that – Upgrading vehicle with MERO can be process long up to just few hours at this stages or development and preparation of final product – In future trough further improvement of base version it will be even faster!

There is already big market for this kind of solution (system or product) but there is not even one existing solution offering features which MERO already have! Lot of other projects are intended for some specific version of vehicles but MERO was intended to be for all of them which mean it was created in a way to be adjustable for almost every kind of vehicles and that mean from ordinary civil cars up to 4×4 or 6×6 and many more – This kind of opportunity is already needed in different kind of conflicts because lot of countries all over the world do not have big budgets for buying specific transport or armoured vehicles and because of that they buy ordinary 4X4 or 6×6 from different producers all over the world – MERO is intended just for them – They will buy this and in few hours they will have upgraded version of their vehicle fitted to be used in small and medium conflicts all around the world!

One of main characteristic of MERO is that it will be usable on all other soft targets like transport trucks / cistern trucks / small and big busses and similar not protected (soft targets) vehicles! This is not final solution for armouring but surely it will be one of the fastest ones in the world which will be available (packed in storages) to be usable immediately when and where is needed!

Imagine that you have old 4×4 or 6×6 truck 40-50 years old (that’s is case in lot of countries which do not have money to buy new and modern ones) but he is still in your inventory – When applied MERO will transfer it (in timeline of few hours) into potent lightly armoured reconnaissance or transport vehicle usable for lot of duties – If you want you can do even more with adding more weapons making even improvised fighting system which will protect not only crew but also all people in transport part of it and for that you only need to have MERO packed in storage laying there up to the needed moment! MERO will allow you to quickly and efficiently improve your assets and protect your people who use them for any kind of duties in problematic or conflict zones!

Prerequisites for finishing development / starting manufacturing and further sales

Finishing R&D up to final stages of testing trough making and testing few different solutions and choosing best one for further making prototypes and testing them in real life conditions

Needed time for that – 2 months after fulfilling prerequisites and that will be equipping design / mechanical / electronic and testing laboratories in NewTeC Innovation centre and that time is not more than one month at most! That time will mainly be used for equipping working space including preparing different variations for test regarding interconnectivity and general applicability on different kind of vehicles – We already have few different (end) solutions but we want to improve them through tests in reality for which we will use 3d printing up to making hundreds of models applying them on different types of vehicles and in different situations!

After testing and accepting final version of design and finals testing it from real one materials and conditions all documentation for production will be already prepared because we are using very modern CAD solution for our work which mean all needed data for any kind of construction will be already available in documentation (it can be prepared in just few hours and it can be done even by your engineers and people responsible for implementing manufacturing process)!

Every even small producer who have better equipped manufacturing shop can produce this in small or medium serial production – That’s se case because when we have doing R&D for MERO we applied our LO LO LO approach – You can find about in in topic regarding our work and about NewTeC Innovation in general! That specifically mean that MERO is powerful but not so high end solution (regarding applied technologies) for eliminating mentioned threats which mean production of it will be ease one and simple!

Question for all who will read this topic – Do you want that kind of product for yourself – To be somebody who will manufacture and sale it all over the world? If answer is yes than I will like to hear how you think we can achieve that goal – Please contact me using solutions mentioned at the end of this topic!

If you are already in this business that mean that your already know lot of end users – your already have connections with buyers – your already have almost all manufacturing capabilities – In that case this will be one new and very desirable add-on to your portfolio which will surely bring money to your company from all over the world!

MERO is project I am working on (in not too active process because I also work on my other projects for some manufacturers) through last 2-3 years – This year project was spitted into 3 different phases – First which was already finished was intended to creating Modular Armour for rudimental protection of all soft targets up to 7.9 mm calibre (and more if needed – depends from requests) – Second will be further development and adding reactive part which will eliminate danger up to 14.5 mm and possible even RPG threats – Third phase will be adjustment of Modular Armour for personal use regarding special military and police units regarding brutal raids and intrusions with heavy gunfire and bombs in theatre

Mentioned means that base version which was already finished can be sell all over the world and in mean time NewTeC (or your company – depends from agreements) will continue testing best approach to upgrade it and add new layer of protection adding reactive part to it – Best part of all is that will be add-on which will be possible to produce and sale separately which mean thousands of already available end users will be potential market for it – If they can get and afford that upgrade that mean business for you (and NewTeC)

Splitting development into 3 different phase was kind a forced move from my side because through my work I realised some things and abounded idea that MERO from start must have that reactive option because it is too complicated for my small design centre to test and develop that up to the end without investors help (plus we only intend to work with concept models and not explosives and real ammo – simply put we are not registered for that) – Project still have same name because at the end it will surely be not only modular but also reactive but base version will not have all features planes for final solution! Because of mentioned I developed base version trying to fulfil all prerequisites for further R&D which will allow adding all already planned for MERO including reactive part of it intended for elimination of 12.7 / 14.5 and RPG threats!

In this situation if you are interested we can talk about opinions and ideas which can lead us up to the collaboration or similar

Support us – be in position to give something new and exceptional to the market and provide yourself with long-term cooperation with one of the very high quality teams – We have already shown our ideas and the approach hot to make those and implement them into reality

Support us – Support our work – Be producers of what we develop – We are ready to talk about everything

If you’re interested for this kind of project, please don’t hesitate to contact me – Before presentation be prepared to sign non-disclosure agreement, because of the IP protection.

Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo
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