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Regarding idea

Like I already mentioned – The aim of this presentation is to initiate communication with companies whose field of activity is the defence industry, with the aim of examining the possibilities for eventual cooperation regarding project development – That is start but main idea is cooperation regarding R&D for defence industry projects!

Because abovementioned I am like a author and one of NewTeC team interested into exploring possibilities for cooperation with companies working in defence area because I think we can contribute to their portfolio and possibly more than that trough our work!

I often read about and see other companies projects and products (some of them I even evaluate in reality on different occasions if i have opportunity) trying to imagine how we can offer my (our) knowledge and expertise in a way of services to those companies or cooperate with them!

NewTeC is one of mechanisms available to do just that!

Regarding me

You are now on one part of ArmyInfoForum (AIF) web site and it is also available on few other locations Facebook / Telegram and some other location across web – AIF is specialised media which covers security area and global happenings from that sphere! There I am chief editor and expert journalist who cover area of security military/police and defence areas – I am owner and author of ArmyInfoForum which is registered media since 2005

Beside working in journalism I also lead this part of editorial board with name NewTeC (New Technology Centre) Innovation where small team work on projects from the field of preliminary and concept design regarding defence industry projects – In that team am I leader who work on ideas from their beginnings (start idea) across conceptual design up the end phases of R&D and production / manufacturing models including 3d printed ones!

My general profession is in mechanical field and my specialisation is R&D for concept designs and partially preparation for production (Computer Numerically Controlled machines) but so far in my career beside working in the defence industry I have had contact with lot of other (interconnected) things like martial arts, parachuting, flying and other adrenalin stuff – No matter what I do my first love and my native job in which I really enjoy is in developing ideas trough R&D but my work now do not consist only from designing and creating new concepts – Now I am dealing with analysis trough studying large quantities of information related to security, strategy and defence industry which i apply when writing of assessments and my own analysis (not only in journalism but also regarding defence projects)

Through my work I use extensive number of information’s from Conflicts around the world plus Military / Police and Defence industries news information’s and analysis which are available to me – One of the most important things which must be mentioned is that I am completely dedicated to this area and my own work because I enjoy in it

My personal approach to work is more from the professional hobbyist’s perspective than from the angle of the job that has its beginning and end, after which I go home and forget about the all i work on that day!

I suppose that mentioned shows that regarding R&D NewTeC has good starting positions because person who started it is expert with years of experience and with large number of projects in the field of development and conceptual design for weapons and military equipment

Regarding work and future

Knowing market and knowing what’s happening out there in the world regarding needs and necessities is one part of solution and other is expertise and thinking out of the box regarding CAD / CAID and parametric development of all parts and assemblies regarding future products!

Work of NewTeC under ArmyInfoForum arms allow gathering people in small teams including associates with great possibility for internal cooperation – That internal cooperation allowed NewTeC team to improve every project in many (multidisciplinary) ways especially connected with knowledge and experience of our shared knowledge and experience – You can find more about that in next document “About our work” where all will be explained in details!

List of project we are working on will be updated often because NewTeC intention is to expand through new associates and their projects with intention to improve every one of those in same way we have done in the past for my own projects – That will show how wide is field of NewTeC applied knowledge

In the past work was been done on projects like Hunter – which is scalable automated transport platform for different kind of mainly weapon system payloads up to last which is project KB (Killer Bee) which is concept of UAV intended to be modular / scalable in weight and payload / 3D Printed / physically small and low observable in flight

At the moments small team work on these:

• Detection system
Fast and precise detection of enemy fire

• Terminal defence system
Intended for destroying all smart attacking means in terminal phases of attack

• System for modular protection
Intended for very fast use for protection of different kind of vehicles (mainly soft targets)

• Transport with combating possibilities system
Intended for improving survivability and fighting possibilities of end users

• System for total automation of mortars
Intended for standalone automation of used and new mortars

• Feeding system
For heavy calibre guns / cannons

These abbreviated descriptions in no way show how high-quality advanced and dangerous mentioned systems can be and because of that you have links in the side menu to their description with extended explanations

Like it is already visible projects on which we have work can be from totally different fields but there connection is simple trough mechanical engineering / electronics and software solutions – Some of them are small and fast to finish and some are kind a big with few tricky problems need to be solved

For some of all those (not only mentioned ones) we can make very easy proof of concept but for some we need to finish few more phases of developing and solving some of problems – All of those project are different regarding their end applications but all are connected because end users needs for those are very real one because every one of them solve different problem they already have – Sometimes some of our projects can connect few different problems and allow solution for them – Those are also in different stages of R&D – Some are in early stages of R&D but for some of them we completed almost whole work up to the moment of making proof of working concept – That can be done literally in weeks trough making few last moves regarding making them into prototypes trough 3D printing of parts and assemblies and creating rudimental prototyped electronics and software for it! For those end phases we simply need some money to equip our prototyping workshops with high quality 3D printing solution and equipment for making prototyping electronics!

If you are interested in projects or you want to explore possibilities for cooperation further please contact me
– We are presenting all these because we know that knowledge of everyone involved in NewTeC regarding defence market and our familiarisation in what’s happening into different conflicts plus knowledge regarding developing of concepts and making them real puts us into position to connect all those worth quite a bit!

I am inviting you to check that trough further communication with us – Please use Telegram – I am offering to everybody our own potent approach for concepts & ideas which we can develop (or track others doing that even educating them) almost trough all R&D process up to finalised 3D design / 3D printed models / manufactured parts prepared for testing and further evaluation!

Message to readers
English is not our native language but i really hope everything written here is understandable
I apologize in advance if you encounter some errors or uncertainties caused by language barriers
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