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Cooperation depends from involvement in projects and that is different from project to project – Inside communication of NewTeC team mean that not only author is responsible for any specific project but also rest of people who invest their knowledeg into it! Inside cooperation regarding NewTeC will be repsesented with agreements which will prescribe responsibilities and obligations of the participants

NewTeC will support all members and their projects but also new associates or those willing to develop something investing our knowledge and experience into their ideas up to finalised phases of R&D (if we thing investing in those ideas is worth a risk) – That mean that best way for work will be that NewTeC team work together up to the end when trough cooperation and investing you acquires IP or licences for manufacturing those products!

Cooperation trough steps:

1. You can see and avaulate our work trough this presentation and ask us about some projects
a. Author of it will be part of NewTeC team which will communicate with you
b. We can discuss for what you are interested
c. We can discuss how you “want that” in details

2. If both parties want more
a. We continiue communication about all aspect of cooperation
b. We agree on financial aspects regarding investing
c. We agree what will be end results
i. End result scan be you own and use all IP
ii. End result can be you protect IP registered on authors and its associates names
iii. End result can be you get licence and documentation for manufacturing
d. We offer you details about how that project can be completed
i. Time and details
ii. Financiasl apsects of all

3. If we agree on all aspects your next move will be investing into “ Subject”
a. Subject can be new company or part of some already availabe (daughter company)
b. Subject must be legaly registered for all work which will be done from our side
c. You will be co owner (major one) with NewTeC or Author & associates

4. You financialy support any further “Subject work”

a. You control all bussines aspects of it
b. We controll all further R&D work
c. We make together decisions about any future move

Presented way of cooperation (new company per project) allow to whoever is interested for cooperation to controll lot of it trough ownership in that same company – NewTeC team involved into some specific project will bi hired to finish the job and that is all! All work will be legal becouse we will insist that company must be registered in some country where the laws are clear which will provide us with protection in any further work!

That is one way of cooperation which includes team – If we see that any part insist that you can hire only idea creator (IP owner) that is also possible because NewTeC internal contracts already predict that situation which mean that “size of everyone’s participation” in an individual project (in terms of percentage or invested work) will be estimated and agreed in advance – That means that the value of everyone’s involvement including NewTeC team members can be assessed and paid out if that is necessary!

Telegram can be used for start communication becouse it offer encrypted and secured way of communication and protection of any interchanges we have regarding IP / Pictures / 3D Models / Videos / Animations / Analysis / Documents etc. It will be much more secured way than ordinary e-mails which can be intercepted and supervised for very negative things such as intellectual property theft or industrial spying – Nowadays when project ideas (of working and usable concpets) are in fact the most important ij whole bussines and when they can make a big difference in terms of survival or disappearance from the market it is really very important to pay attention on communication and digital security (way of work and similar)

This is for beginning – If you insist to change some things we can speak about them but i personally will simply not allow any member of team or associates or idea starter / owner to be exposed and in any kind of problems!

Normally we will listen to what investor have to offer or to ask from us in any kind of a deal but our idea is to eventually do what i already proposed on the beginning! That kind of investing will be done through phased and controlled financing where investor will have opportunity to control investing trough phases on weekly / monthly /or quarterly time base or whatever we agree – I think this kind of control is quite enough for tracking will all work or no – With this we want to promote continual (win win) cooperation which will grow through time!

Why is so important for us – That’s is also important for you also because lot of mentioned products have few different phases of development and trough selling licences for developing basic and all add on features NewTeC members will be in position to continue development of those projects continuously because we still own IP (intellectual property)

Finalisation of first phase for one of project mean investor will get finalised basic version (precise explanation of this is in the next paragraph) – Next phase will give that basic version some new features and that way we will go into 2/3/4 and even 5 phases for some projects

That’s way investor who support all those different phases of development will get new add-ons and with them new features / possibilities / performances for its basic product which he already produce – He already created market and have customers for all those new add-ons in advance because every one of them will significantly improve basic version of product!

One example of financing development trough stages – For Flying Charlie we intend to have at least 4 different phases – All of those will be financed separately and at the end that will give result in very potent and dangerous weapon system!

1. First phase – Finishing developing up to making basic version of automated mortar
a. all main parts of a system (automation of a barrel/ automated storage) allowing
i. loading ammo into the barrel
ii. targeting and firing
iii. developing first platform – small trailer

2. Second phase of development will improve system in next way
a. add on for cooling of a barrel and conditioning of the entire system
b. opportunity for unloading and safe storage of misfire ammo
c. opportunity for unloading of “wrongly loaded” ammo and changing it with desired ammo
d. improvements of targeting system / implementation of new strategies for desired effect

3. Third phase of development will improve system in next way
a. add on for automated loading ammo into automated storage (resupply of a storage)
b. add on for decreasing energy which impacts ammo and its performances
c. add on for barrel conditioning and cleaning

4. Fourth phase of development will adapt whole system for
a. small 4×4 platforms
b. version for digging (buried) into the ground (up to 2 months of stand by without touch)
c. version to be usable on small river or see patrol boats / small ships and similar

5. Fifth phase of development will upgrade whole system up to the totally next level
a. It will become remotely driving / self-propelled system for using in outward (occupied) positions (airstrips and small isolated bases) – It will have opportunity to be pulled/towed for a long distances and normally transported by plane / helicopter but at the end it will have opportunity to be self-efficient into moving on small distances for taking up prepared defensive positions or changing it easily if needed

I hope it is clear that those are totally different things which CAN’T be done at the same time which also mean it can be bought or financed all at the same time – Some steps simply must be done in some order – Add-ons can’t be done before base system plus some improvements can only be made based on the basic version with some add-ons already available which is must for any kind of further work

Solution – Some things can’t be done at the same time but some things can be done in “kind a parallel process” which means some process from phase 2 and 3 or 3 or 4 or 4 and 5 can be done in parallel with additional man power (and additional financing)!

Sincerely Yours – Rajacic Cedo
ArmyInfoForum Chief Editor and Journalist / Leader of NewTeC Innovation Design Centre

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