BZTK – Fighting Protective Transport Construction

This is standalone project intended to create system for protection but with already planned add-ons it will become basic for future protected/ combat vehicles (even armoured ones) – This is totally new approach for making armoured vehicles – armoured reconnaissance vehicles / armoured fighting vehicles / armoured transport vehicles and similar – Trough further development BZTK will get possibility to carry wide area of different weapon systems (from 7.62/12.7/20 mm over grenade launchers in 30 and 40 mm up to unguided missiles up to 57 mm and even some ATGM and AAA IR/IC missiles)

Time needed for finishing R&D and making first rudimental models and proof of concept – 4-6 months

Additional explanations
BZTK is abbreviation of Borbeno Zastitna Transportna Konstrukcija in Serbian or Fighting Protective Transport Construction and the name of future product will be REV which is abbreviation from REVolution – In that project NewTeC is developing personal protective construction which by itself is not an weapon but can be armed and used for different assignments and duties which is its main target
REV have that name because it is result of a non-standard approach to solving problems which allows kind a revolutionary / formidable improvements regarding up to day familiar and applied way of making classical wheel / tracked construction of armoured personal carrier and infantry fighting vehicles – I start realization of this project after few years of analyses and trying to solve different kind of problems separately (even for some private manufactures of armoured fighting / armoured reconnaissance vehicles in Serbia) but i now succeed to do that all together in REV trough very non-standard approach – That allow me to make REV multipurpose product which has very big advancements and improvements regarding any similar and already fielded solution all over the world!

Assignments i have succeed to fulfil allow REV drastically advantages and possibilities
• faster reaction on enemy fire (at most from 1 to 2 sec)
• fast and simple response on enemy attack with 5 to 8 times bigger fire power
• better protection of users which allows 5 to 6 time better chance of survivability
• better survivability regarding IED and other mine and explosive devices
• continual usability and self-defence even in a case of damages from IED or mine and explosives
• better reaction and survivability regarding any kind of enemy fire and reaction on it

Beside this basic advantages REV also allow next
• faster and easy further development and testing / attesting
• simple manufacturing in any better equipped space
• fast and simple use on any kind of transport systems / platform
• simple arming with different kind of weapons systems
• simple improvements with add-on modules and easy adaptation to end user needs

Trough past work we created a lot tactical and technical requirements & guidelines
• descriptions of different kind of individual advantages
• descriptions of functioning for different parts and assemblies
• sketches and drawings of basic look and construction details
• testing of basic concept with development of basic 3D engineering CAD construction
• testing of a basic concept with further development of all other CAD parts and subassemblies

Sometimes even when i do not work actively on developing of this project i do not stop thinking about it talking with experts and colleagues about it (and some other my projects) – That put me in a position to make very precise guidelines for future design and engineering work on different parts and assemblies but what is very important these put me in position to make list regarding of possible usability’s for different kind of end users and different kind of duties BZTK can be used for – List is very long one – believe me – One of main facts for BZTK is that production potential for all different duties / usability’s is measured in tens of thousands of units (and this is not a fabrication for PR purposes)

Trough past work I have created base in 3D parametric assembly which allowed improvements of start concept which lead us to further improve every of those assemblies regarding basic construction – Results are visible through making 3D graphical representation of up to date REV achievements and possibilities on one of already well known classical 4×4 auto chassis plus comparing it with Patria / Bradley and few other transport or armoured fighting and armoured transport vehicles including some from Serbia!

Some further direction for developing is intention to further modularize construction splitting it into two parts (mainly bellow and above) which will allow upper part with protection and weapon platform to be usable in hundreds of different positions on every unarmoured vehicle which is soft target in use in Police / Military – That upper part can also be usable on huge number of armoured vehicles adding possibility to use different kind of weapon system REV will use by itself! That is very interesting because lot of today’s light and medium armoured platforms (4×4 6×6 8×8 ..) are armed with only one of maybe two weapon systems (my opinion it that they are under-armed) and BZTK will add possibility for few more weapon stations with different kind of weapon system which will be mounted on it!

In this moment we continue our work on improving whole basis of a project trough paying attention on all assembly with idea to make all needed CAD parts and subassemblies for future product base – Trough that work REV concept has already evolved and become usable even in this time but with completion of all base parts project will become developed enough for promotion to investors interested to support continuation of work and finalizing it

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006 006 2020 – Author opinion – Modern development of armoured vehicles!

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