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Little more about what we done in Serbian before English version of web site

O NewTeC-u * About NewTeC
O Klasteru KOIS * About KOIS idea – Cluster of the Defense Industry of Serbia
O projektima * About projects
Projekat Sistema Lovac * System Hunter project
Voznja u dnevno-nocnim uslovima * Driving in nigh day conditions
Detekcija neprijateljske vatre * Detecting of an enemy atack
Leteci Carili 2000+ * Flying Charlie 2000+
Automatizacija oruznih sistema * Automation of weapons systems
Selektor granata za topove – Ammo selector for cannons
Umanjenje termovizijskog odraza – Thermovision reflection reduction
Spajder 2012 – Spider 2012
Spajder 2016 – Spider 2012
Okviri za faze razvoja – Guidelines for development phases
Bird Cage – Bird Cage
Platforma za teske terete – Heavy duty platform

Mentioned topics are on Serbian language and they have been posted trough time – We removed them from the topics list because main intention of this web site is communicating with companies / investors / funds abroad which mean English language is a must – Those are not all topics and soon the rest of the topics in the Serbian language will be added to this list

Pay attention that last versions and correct data about NewTeC projects and possibilities for work and cooperation are published in English language! We will try to put all Serbian topics here just to be available and to prove that this you see in English is just a fraction of projects and available data regarding our work!

Last but surely not less important fact is that we are constantly trying to improve data published on English language which mean that changes are often – We will surely not translate all in English language and only relevant parts regarding projects will be translated – All mentioned here will be linked to source topic for those who want to check out old stuff!

Aditional topis and descriptions

Prednosti Spajdera nad konkurencijom u buducim sukobima
Advantages of Spider over competition in future conflicts

Spajder kao odgovor na buduce vojne pretnje!
Spider in response to future military threats!

AUTMINC LC2000+AUtomaTizovani MINobacaC Leteci Carli 2000+
Automated Mortar Flying Carly 2000+

Investiranje u R&D za projete iz oblasti odbrambene industrije
Investing in R&D of concepts and projects in defence field (IN ENGLISH)

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